Anna's excitement for flavor pairing began at a very young age. She's been referred to as a “Garden baby,” raised spending every day in the garden, picking edible flowers and harvesting fresh fruits and vegetables. After studying Art History she moved to New Orleans where she began her hospitality journey in New Orleans at Meauxbar, where Christopher Brian and Kristen Essig instilled in her the importance and precision of total hospitality. She immersed herself, studied, asked questions and became very involved.

She's participated in 2 seasons of Speed Rack, an all female speed bartending competition and fundraiser for breast cancer research. In 2018, she won the annual Paradigm Gardens Cocktail Competition and her team won the South East regional Espolon Cocktail Fights. She is a Bar Smarts graduate, holder of an Award T certificate from the state of Jalisco, and has spent time harvesting and making wine in Vacqueyras, France. She considers herself very lucky and adheres to the old addage, do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.

She also has a small business with Espolon Cocktail Fight partner Maggie Morgan called Societe De Bikini that holds two events. The first is an annual Buffy the Vampire themed cocktail party held every October and the second is a pop-up gallery called Salon D’Whatever held on the first Tuesday of every month where they feature different artists who work in the service industry.



The son of an Irish Italian mother and a Honduran father, Cesar Nunez was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, where family cooking and sharing meals were a significant part of his decision to pursue a career in the hospitality industry. He brings over thirteen years of culinary experience to Longway Tavern, including working alongside accomplished chefs, traveling across Europe, and attending culinary school. Nunez got his start working at New Orleans’ Gautreau’s under Chef Sue Zemanick, where he learned first-hand what it’s like to work in a professional kitchen, including the ins and outs of cooking with locally sourced seafood and produce. Later, Nunez gained experience while working under Chef Adolfo Garcia at La Boca; his experience there led to him serving as Tournant at every one of Chef Adolfo Garcia restaurants while finishing Delgado Community College’s Culinary Arts Program. Following completion of the culinary arts program, Nunez took his knowledge and skills overseas, and traveled across Europe for over three months to fully experience European cuisine among the locals. When he returned to New Orleans, he worked on the line at Coquette before being promoted to Chef de Cuisine, where he adopted many of the skills and cooking techniques he employs today. Declaring his cooking style as modern comfort food, Nunez strives to cook familiar food in unexpected ways. As executive chef at Longway Tavern, Chef Cesar Nunez uses cooking techniques that spotlight vegetables, seafood and seasonal ingredients, with a goal of transforming the way people think about traditional bar food.



Liam Deegan grew up in an Irish Catholic family in Providence, Rhode Island. While he went to school for photography, Deegan quickly realized that he was more passionate about his side job as a bartender. Deegan began studying for his Cicerone certification, which he earned in 2008. After moving to New Orleans, Deegan gained a position as a food runner at the popular French Quarter restaurant Sylvain shortly after it opened in 2010. He eventually earned a spot behind the bar, and from there moved up to Bar Director at Sylvain. When the owners of Sylvain opened the whiskey-centric Barrel Proof in 2014, 27-year-old Deegan led the project as its Managing Partner. At Barrel Proof, Deegan has curated an extensive and unique list of 250-260 whiskies from around the world, including hard-to-find Japanese whiskies. Longway Tavern will be the latest expression of the things Liam likes to drink: the classics that we all grew up drinking in the French Quarter. Liam longs for bars and restaurants where people can go to either eat or drink well, but would feel obligated to do neither. Places that are well designed, yet comfortable and fun with a bit of edge. Most simply stated, Liam relishes the types of places that make everyone feel at home.