New Orleans is an old city, and the Longway Tavern sits in one of its oldest buildings. When masons laid the final bricks in 1794, the U.S. consisted of just 15 states, and Louisiana wasn’t one of them. We flew the Spanish flag at the time.

Since then, many businesses have been housed at 719 Toulouse Street, and many people have called it home. Among them were Roark and Mary Rose Bradford, two of the city’s best-known intellectuals in the mid-20th century. Artists like William Faulkner, Ernest Hemingway, and John Carrol of “Zorro” fame often appeared at the Bradfords’ door after an evening’s escapades, enjoying one last drink or a having snack to sober up before calling it a night. 

That tradition continues at the Longway Tavern. We’re a “third place” for everyone living, working, and playing in the French Quarter--a casual spot where you can grab a bite and a beer before heading off to other destinations, or a place to savor a nightcap when the party is winding down.  The open-air courtyard is a serene oasis for gatherings of friends old and new. Chef John Sinclair offers creative twists on nostalgic tavern fare, while Liam Deegan’s cocktails give the same treatment to the French Quarter classics that we all grew up drinking. In classic neighborhood tavern fashion, the Longway embodies old-school hospitality.

The Bradfords' felt a close kinship with their spirited group of friends who always preferred to take the long way ‘round. We feel the same about our guests at Longway Tavern. Longway is a nod in particular to those journeys that find us on the roads less travelled. We find honor in those. For taking the long way often leads us exactly the place we were always meant to be: home.



719 Toulouse Street
New Orleans, LA 70130



Bar & Kitchen

Mon-Thu 4p-12a


Happy Hour
4p–7p Daily



Liam Deegan grew up in an Irish Catholic family in Providence, Rhode Island. While he went to school for photography, Deegan quickly realized that he was more passionate about his side job as a bartender. Deegan began studying for his cicerone certification, which he earned in 2008. After moving to New Orleans, Deegan gained a position as a food runner at the popular French Quarter restaurant Sylvain shortly after it opened in 2010. He eventually earned a spot behind the bar, and from there moved up to Bar Director at Sylvain. When the owners of Sylvain opened the whiskey-centric Barrel Proof in 2014, 27-year-old Deegan led the project as its Managing Partner. At Barrel Proof, Deegan has curated an extensive and unique list of 250-260 whiskies from around the world, including hard-to-find Japanese whiskies. Longway Tavern will be the latest expression of the things Liam likes to drink: the classics that we all grew up drinking in the French Quarter. Liam longs for bars and restaurants where people can go to either eat or drink well, but would feel obligated to do neither. Places that are well designed, yet comfortable and fun with a bit of edge. Most simply stated, Liam relishes the types of places that make everyone feel at home.



John Sinclair fell in love with cooking as a Boy Scout in Berlin, CT, when he was tasked with showcasing the possibilities of cooking while camping. John’s professional career is tied together by learning from accomplished Chefs at nearly every stop along his culinary journey. At Firebox Restaurant in CT, he cooked alongside his best friend Ed Jones III. Later, he learned from Tyler Anderson at Millwright’s. Then he moved to New Orleans. Here, John cooked with Rebecca Wilcomb and Marcus Jacobs at Herbsaint and evenutally with Michael Stoltzfus at Coquette. To date, though, his strongest culinary influence remains his late friend and culinary school classmate Jason Campanario. Jason had an effortless way of creating simple, yet beautiful dishes. This has become John’s culinary hallmark, as well. John’s dishes appear simple yet hide their complexity. He uses ingredients and flavors that harken past experiences and family heirloom recipes so that his food always offers a sense of place to his diners. This style can be found at Barrel Proof Kitchen, where items like chicken wings, bologna sandwiches and cheese fries are all elevated expressions of classic comfort food. Under John’s leadership, Longway Tavern’s culinary team will be one that is both inspired and inspiring while also leading balanced and fulfilling lives. And one that creates engaging, fun and memorable experiences for our guests.